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Northcentral Ohio Calendar of Events

(Sunday, March 4, 2018 - Sunday, March 24, 2019)
3/8/2018 Five Nights On Campus - Alina Kiryayeva (MARION)
3/10/2018 Brass Transit (MARION)
3/23/2018 Lone Raven (MARION)
3/23/2018 thru3/24/2018 Flash Light Tour/A Night At Heritage Hall (MARION)
3/25/2018 NINE (MARION)
4/6/2018 thru4/7/2018 You Have The Right To Remain Dead (MARION)
4/12/2018 Five Nights On Campus - Simple Gifts (MARION)
4/13/2018 Open Mic Nite in the May (MARION)
4/12/2018 thru4/14/2018 National Robotics Challenge (MARION)
4/21/2018 Time Travelers' Faire (MARION)
5/4/2018 One Night In Memphis (MARION)
5/10/2018 Five Nights On Campus - Heartland Sings (MARION)
6/2/2018 H.O.T. Tamale Bicycle Tour (MARION)
6/2/2018 Cruisin' for Dialysis (MARION)
7/2/2018 thru7/7/2018 Marion County Fair (MARION)
7/13/2018 thru7/14/2018 Warren G. Harding Symposium (MARION)
7/14/2018 Annual Presidential Wreath Laying (MARION)
7/27/2018 thru7/30/2018 AKC Dog Show (MARION)
8/10/2018 thru8/11/2018 Ohio Buckeye Classic Power of the Paint (MARION)
8/11/2018 Summerail 2018 (MARION)
8/11/2018 Annual Gary Squires Memorial Car Show (MARION)
8/18/2018 Annual Everett's Train Show and Swap Meet (MARION)
8/18/2018 Annual Fout/Price Memorial Car Show (MARION)
8/18/2018 First Ladies Luncheon (MARION)
9/6/2018 thru9/8/2018 Marion Popcorn Festival (MARION)
9/15/2018 Wings & Wheels Fly In/ Drive In (MARION)
9/29/2018 Applefest at Lawrence Orchards (MARION)
10/7/2018 Annual Scout Pilgrimage (MARION)
10/27/2018 Applebutter Stir & Horseradish Grind (MARION)
11/3/2018 Dinner with the Presidents (MARION)
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